Geöffnet: 27.- 30. Dezember
Open: Dec. 27th - Dec. 30th

Geschlossen: 31. Dezember - 6. Jänner
Closed: Dec. 31st - Jan. 6th

galerie hochdruck

The German word "Hochdruck" means both "relief print" and also "high pressure". The word also describes the way in which someone does something with a lot of enthusiasm. Thus, Galerie Hochdruck would like to present its complete inventory both to aficionados of printmaking and to collectors who are interested in acquiring prints and collectibles as shown in the top left menu. All objects are grouped in categories such as relief prints, prints/other techniques, artists' portfolios, illustrated books, art journals, ephemera and printing plates. They can also be inspected in the newly adapted rooms of Galerie Hochdruck, Neudeggergasse 8, 1080 Wien. There is free access to all visitors and most of the exhibits are for sale. If you would like to inquire about an object shown on the website please use the e-mail address on the contact page, or just click on the title below an image to access the object description.

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