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Open: Dec. 27th - Dec. 30th

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galerie hochdruck

Galerie Hochdruck e.U.
Herwig Tachezi - Owner
Friedmanngasse 12/5
1160 Vienna, Austria
Mobile: +43 699 11506010
Phone: +43 1 9564544 371805y
VAT no: ATU57076933
IBAN: AT492011184277566000

Attention! Scam emails!

Some time ago, fraudulent emails were sent to customers and interested parties of Galerie Hochdruck from an email address that resembled our business address except for a single letter (contact[at] instead of the correct: contact[at], in our name and with a forged company signature. Partly these emails were sent in English, but partly also in the language of the addressee. In the emails, offers were made for objects that do not exist in reality (or whose photos and description were simply downloaded from somewhere on the Internet). Fake invoices with requests for payment were also sent. One of the IBAN numbers given there was linked to an account in Malta, but in the meantime an account in the USA and in Austria was also mentioned. We would like to point out that Galerie Hochdruck exclusively uses the account number mentioned on this contact page and no other!
In addition to cases where customers who had previously purchased from the gallery were contacted, there were also cases of new customer recruitment, i.e. where there was no previous business relationship with the gallery. It is very likely that the scammers received their information about prospective customers when they made inquiries via the contact form on the Amorosart portal. It is possible that the scammers have changed the email address they used in the meantime. In any case, it is not identical to the one we use. The fake company signature used by the scammers was incomplete in all reported cases and had links that went nowhere.

In this regard, we would like to state:

The matter was reported to the police and will be prosecuted.
Galerie Hochdruck never sends unsolicited emails with personalized offers. We only reply in cases where a customer or prospective customer has contacted us themselves at the correct email address (contact[at] Please do not reply to unsolicited personalized emails addressed to you in which offers are made on our behalf (even our newsletters never use a personal salutation). Of course, we will still be happy to answer your inquiries. If you suspect that you have been unjustifiably contacted, please be sure to contact us by phone at +4369911506010. Above all, please do not make any transfers to any account other than the one indicated on this page. This way you can be sure to get your money back, even if the offer did not come from us. In any case, please match the company data contained in an email sent to you with the data on this page. Also the linked pages of the institutions, in which we are members, show the correct data.

With kind regards
Herwig Tachezi

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